10Kw EcoFlow PowerOcean hybrid inverter

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EcoFlow PowerOcean hybrid inverter 10Kw

15-year worry-free energy guarantee

Fast service at all times

The 3-phase hybrid inverter with 10 kW emergency power supply

The EcoFlow PowerOcean hybrid inverter enables highly efficient use and storage of solar energy to make your home independent of the power supply. The 3-phase inverter is integrated with a backup module and offers an output power of up to 10kW to power almost all of your important devices in the event of a grid failure.

Backup Power 3-phase emergency power supply up to 10 kW

Up to 10 kW output power to power all devices simultaneously. Support your 3-phase devices during a power failure. The hybrid inverter automatically detects voltage recovery during an outage. It starts working automatically after sunrise without manual switching. Bypass circuit to ensure a stable power supply. In the event of a fault, the inverter switches to ByPass mode. This ensures the supply of mains power.

Super Smart EcoFlow app and web portal for users

With the user-friendly EcoFlow app and web portal, you can keep track of your electricity consumption, solar feed-in and battery storage in real time. Prioritize your solar energy use and automatically charge the batteries with excess energy for nighttime use. Redesigned power flow with widgets Intuitive power flow monitoring Customization with personalized widgets Always prepared for grid outages Backup reserve Storm monitoring Easy energy savings with self-sufficiency mode Prioritize your home consumption with real-time solar feed-in and battery storage The battery is charged with excess solar power to its capacity cap

Technical data EcoFlow PowerOcean inverter
Max. PV input power 14kW
Maximum input voltage 1000V
Operating voltage range 180 - 1000V
Rated input voltage 600V
Maximum input current per MPPT 16A
Maximum short circuit current 24A
Number of MPPT 2
Maximum charging power 10kW
Maximum discharge power 10kW
nominal voltage 800V
Rated current 12.5A
Maximum battery capacity 45kWh
operating temperatur -20° to 50° C
Protection class IP65
Dimensions inverter 588 x 455 x 174.5mm
Weight inverter 29.5kg

PowerOcean data sheet

PowerOcean manual

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