2kWh EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max Intelligent additional battery / battery / storage

Sale price€1.299,00EUR(19% MwSt.)
€1.091,60EUR (0% MwSt.)


Expandable Capacity – Increase the capacity of DELTA 2 Max with an additional 2,046 Wh of power.

• Triple power – Expandable capacity from 2kWh-6kWh to suit your energy storage needs. Add up to two DELTA 2 Max Intelligent Additional Batteries to achieve a capacity of 6,144 Wh. Ideal for household reserve, camping, outdoor or everyday use.

6X Longer Lifespan Designed - Enjoy 10 years of daily use until the battery drops to 80% of its original capacity. This is thanks to the LFP battery chemistry, which enables 3,000 cycles.

5 year guarantee

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