415W TW Solar TH 415 PMB7 44SCF shingle module full black module 1812x1096x30mm solar panel solar module photovoltaic

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TW Solar TH 415 PMB7 44SCF shingle module

Tongwei shingle module - product presentation

Terra 5k shingle single glass full black module

Advantages of shingle modules: lower shading losses

Reliable quality

Better thermal conductivity thanks to the shingle modules
Significantly lower hot spot temperatures for product and roof safety
Stronger weather resistance, modules pass 3 times IEC test
Special environmental tests including salt spray, sand, hail, etc.
Wider range of applications

A nice look

The unusual appearance harmonizes perfectly with the roof of the building
Creating the overall aesthetics of a residential building
High reliability
Non-destructive laser cutting technology
Improved cell strength
Low temperature bonding process
Avoiding thermal damage caused by high temperature welding
High density technology for greater efficiency

✓ lower hotspot temperatures
✓ higher thermal resilience
✓ higher static load capacity
✓ higher snow load (hail, wind)
✓ More environmentally friendly
✓ Aesthetic appearance
✓ lower shading losses
✓ 25/25 year guarantee

Customers TW Solar

Shingle modules TW Solar presentation

Product details

  • Cell type: 305 Cells
  • Dimensions: 1812 x 1096 x 30 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight [kg] 20.8 kg
  • Anti PID
  • Reduced hot spot loss
  • 25 year performance guarantee
  • 25 year product guarantee
  • System voltage: 1500 volt
  • Connector type: MC4 Evo-2
  • Cable length: 1300mm
  • Protection class: IP68 - 2 bypass diodes
  • Module Efficiency up to 20.9%
  • Certificate: TUV, CE
  • Pieces per PU: 36
  • Safety Class: Class II
  • Withstands wind loads up to 2400Pa and snow loads up to 5400Pa

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Warranty for Shingled Modules TW Solar

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