6m mounting profile aluminum blank 40x40 mm

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Mounting profile aluminum blank 40x40, span up to 2.45 meters (depending on the snow and wind load zone, terrain category, angle of inclination of the roof, etc.). Upper channel connection: T-nut with M8 thread, this T-nut can be swiveled in at any point. The M8 thread allows M8 screws to be screwed into the slot nut channel from above, for example to fasten the module clamps. Bottom connection: Either the head of the hexagon screw DIN 933 M10x25 or the hammer head screw 10x25 fits into the bottom channel. The hexagonal screw is cheaper, but has to be threaded in from the side; the hammerhead screw can be screwed in at any point. The bottom is usually attached to roof hooks, adapter plates for hanger bolts or support triangles. This profile is the best-selling standard profile. You can use the slide-in connector 9751 as a connector. This is hammered into the first profile and the second profile is then pushed on with pressure. To prevent the connection point from twisting, two connectors should be used. Alternatively, the U-connector can also be used as a connector; this is attached from the outside, so it can also be attached if the two profiles are already fixed on the roof. Thanks to grooves on the profile and connector, the connector does not fall down on its own, but this is only intended to make installation easier; the long-term fixation is carried out with 4 drilling screws 4.2x19mm each. However, the slide-in connector is usually used because it can be installed the fastest, without additional screws. This item is part of our permanent stock program, so it is always in stock in standard quantities and is constantly reordered. If an item is not in stock, we will contact you immediately after ordering. In most cases the delivery time is short or we can find an alternative together.

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