800W balcony power plant set / 2x 430W bifacial FULL BLACK solar modules + 800W Hoymiles inverter + HMS adapter

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800W balcony power plant set / ready to plug in / scope of delivery:

  • 2x 430W Sunket bifacial FULL BLACK double glass solar modules
  • 1x 800W Hoymiles HMS-800W-2T
  • 1x Hoymiles HMS adapter field plug (HMS-FS)
  • 1x connection cable 5 meters with HMS connector

Optional required accessories:

Product details: SUNKET SKT430M10-108D3

182mm 16BB 108Cells All Black Double Glass Bifacial TOPCon Mono Half Cell PV Module Series

SUNKET Solar produces high-quality modules. We use highly efficient SMBB Technology Half Cut TOPCon Cell, 430 watts can be achieved in this completely black module. The half-cell design ensures better response to shading, resulting in higher module performance.
These modules offer the most cost-effective solution to reduce LCOE

Bifacial solar panels are solar cells or solar panels that can absorb light from both sides. They are able to absorb sunlight from the front and back, increasing their efficiency. This allows for better energy harvesting as they can also use reflected light from surfaces such as water or snow.

The solar modules of the Sunket TwinPeak series combine innovative design with high module efficiency and high yield. In this way, customers make the best possible use of the space available for the solar system.

About TOPCon

Compared to PERC solar modules, TOPCon solar modules based on N-type silicon wafers have longer lifespan, lower degradation and higher efficiency potential. 430w TOPCon solar modules have an efficiency of up to 22.02%.

Sunket TOPCon solar panel has excellent low light performance. When under cloudy, haze condition, low light output help gets more production.
The temperature coefficient of PERC solar module is -0.35%/℃, that of TOPCon solar module is -0.30%/℃. With a temperature coefficient of -0.30%/℃, TOPCon solar modules can generate up to 2% more power than PERC solar modules at high temperatures.

Sunket TOPCon solar panels use N-type solar cell technology, resulting in extremely low LID/LETID, supporting reliability and longevity. Supports more power generation than PERC solar panel.

More performance per square meter

SMBB Technology Half Cut TOPCon Cell solar modules are equipped with advanced technologies. This means that the yields per square meter are higher than with standard modules with 54 polycrystalline cells.

Optimized for shading

TwinPeak solar panels - hence their name - have a unique “twin” design, allowing them to generate power even when partially shaded, regardless of orientation. Over time, your system will therefore deliver a higher yield.

Product facts

  • Cell type: Monocrystalline
  • Module dimensions: 1722x1134x30 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight [kg] 23.4
  • Anti PID
  • Reduced hot spot loss,
  • 30 year performance guarantee
  • 12 year product guarantee
  • System voltage: 1500 volts
  • Connector Type: MC4
  • Cable length: 1200mm
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Fire class: Class A
  • Module efficiency: 22%
  • Withstands wind loads up to 2400Pa and snow loads up to 5400Pa
  • Certificate: TUV, CE
  • Pieces per PU: 36

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Product details 800W Hoymiles HMS-800W-2T

 High performance micro inverter for 2-in-1 with output power up to 1000 VA

● With reactive power control, compliant with EN 50549-1:2019, VDE-AR-N 4105:2018, VFR2019 etc.

● Safer for rooftop solar with quick shutdown and isolated transformer

● Independent MPPT and monitoring ensure higher energy yield and easier maintenance

 2 in 1 design allows for faster installation

upgradeable from 600W to 800W

12 year product guarantee

Functional features

Technical data microinverter Hoymiles

Setup with built-in Wi-Fi functionality

The HMS-800W-2T series improves monitoring and provides real-time production data via a smartphone connection.

With built-in NA protection according to VDE-AR-N 4105

Technical data

Dimensions: 261 × 180 × 31mm Max. input voltage: 65V
Rated output power: 800VA Number of connected modules: 2
Commonly used module power: 320W to 540W+ MPPT voltage range: 16V-60V
Max. input current: 2 × 14A Number of MPPTs: 2

scope of delivery

1x Hoymiles HMS-800W-2T microinverter (HMS-800)
1x Hoymiles HMS adapter field connector (HMS-FS)

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