EcoFlow PowerOcean LFP solar storage 5 kWh

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EcoFlow PowerOcean LFP solar storage 5 kWh

15 year guarantee

The easiest step to power your home with solar energy

Start building your net zero home with just a 5kWh battery, which can be expanded up to 45kWh at any time.

This set contains 1 PowerOcean LFP battery with a total output of 5 kWh . The system features an automatic heating system to ensure the battery can be safely charged at temperatures between -20°C and 50°C. For protection, there is an active aerosol fire protection module in each battery that activates automatically when the device temperature exceeds 270°C. The BMS integrated in the battery ensures optimal performance of the storage system at all times.

Start with just 1 battery

Small steps, big savings! With the integrated DC-DC converter in each battery pack, each 800V high voltage pack can operate independently.

Fireproof, weatherproof for 6000 life cycles, with robust LFP battery chemistry. Since the BMS module is integrated into each package, the failure of one battery does not even affect the rest of the batteries.

Industrial-grade LiFePO4 batteries

15 years of daily use until the battery reaches 70% of its original capacity! they offer 6,000 life cycles* and are exceptionally safe.

Power failure? You won't even notice it!

Up to 10 kW* of reserve power that keeps almost all important devices running.

Integrated BMS module for hazard protection

Batteries connected in parallel with integrated BMS and DC-DC converter. Each battery has its own integrated BMS module, which prevents any malfunctions from affecting the other batteries. TI's automotive-grade BMS chip is integrated into each battery pack. You can rely on automatic protective measures being triggered above 170 degrees Celsius. Each module is equipped with automatic heating elements to work smoothly in winter. The entire system is protected according to IP65. Fireproof, weatherproof with automatic battery heating and IP65 protection class.

Super Smart EcoFlow app and web portal for users
With the user-friendly EcoFlow app and web portal, you can keep track of your electricity consumption, solar feed-in and battery storage in real time. Prioritize your solar energy use and automatically charge the batteries with excess energy for nighttime use. Redesigned power flow with widgets Intuitive power flow monitoring Customization with personalized widgets Always prepared for grid outages Backup reserve Storm monitoring Easy energy savings with self-sufficiency mode Prioritize your home consumption with real-time solar feed-in and battery storage The battery is charged with excess solar power to its capacity cap

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