8 kW solar system set / 18x 435Wp Trina Vertex S+ solar modules + 8 kW HUAWEI inverter + 5 kW HUAWEI battery

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A notice!! This is a configuration suggestion. We would be happy to put together a system set including a substructure for you according to your individual needs and technical circumstances. If you need support with installation, we will be happy to put our qualified and experienced partners in touch with you.
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Scope of delivery:

18 x 435W Trina Vertex S+ / DOUBLE GLASS N-Type i-TOPCon MODULE / TSM-NEG9R.28

1x 8kW HUAWEI hybrid inverter SUN2000-8KTL-M1

1x 5kW Huawei Luna2000-5KW-C0 power module BMS DC converter


1x Huawei Smart Power Sensor 3 phase DTSU666-H 100A/50mA

Product details: HUAWEI SUN2000-8KTL-M1 inverter 8kW

The SUN2000 inverter is a three-phase grid-tied PV string inverter that converts the direct current generated by the PV strings into alternating current and feeds it into the power grid.
The SUN2000 is suitable for residential grid-tied roof systems and smaller grid-tied ground PV systems. Typically, a grid-tied system consists of PV strings, grid-tied inverters, AC switches and power distribution units.

The ENS protective device according to VDE 4105 integrated in the inverter enables safe, legal connection and operation in Germany. Please note the VDE instructions for a standard-compliant connection.
10 year manufacturer's warranty

Maximum efficiency: 98.6%
Maximum input voltage: 1100V
Maximum input current: 13.5A
MPP voltage range: 140 - 980 V
MPPT voltage range full load: 380 - 850 V
Rated input voltage: 600V
Maximum number of inputs: 2
Number of MPPT: 2
Rated output power: 8000W
Maximum active power: 8800 W
Rated output voltage: 220/380V, 230/400V
Rated output current: 12.2A/11.6A
Maximum output current: 13.5 A
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Protection class: IP65
Operating temperature: -25°C to 60°C
Width: 470mm
Height: 525mm
Depth: 166mm
Weight: 17kg

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Product details: Huawei Luna2000-5KW-C0 power module BMS DC converter

The Huawei Base and BMS for Luna2000 is a reliable component for operating the Luna2000 solar storage system. It serves as a base for up to three Luna2000 battery modules. The base with integrated BMS acts as the central control unit of the PV storage system and enables the monitoring and control of the solar storage system. The battery management system ensures optimal safety and performance of the storage system at all times.

The battery management system is the central component of the solar storage system. It monitors and controls the LUNA2000 battery storage modules. It monitors parameters such as the battery's state of charge, voltage and temperature, ensuring that the LUNA2000 solar storage system operates within optimal operating parameters.

  • Manufacturer: Huawei
  • Height (mm): 150
  • Length (mm): 240
  • Width (mm): 670
  • Weight (kg): 12.00
  • Guarantor: Huawei
  • Product warranty (years): 10


Usable energy of the battery: 5 kWh

High-voltage lithium iron phosphate battery from 5-30kWh
100% depth of discharge with 10 year guarantee
Multi-level security concept

  • Nominal discharge power: 2.5 kW
  • Maximum discharge power: 3.5 kW, 10 s
  • Rated voltage (1-phase WR/L1): 360 V
  • Operating voltage range (1-phase WR/L1): 350 - 560 V
  • Rated voltage (3-phase INV - M1): 600 V
  • Operating voltage range (3-phase WR/M1): 600 - 980 V
  • Display: SOC status - LED, status - LED
  • Communication: RS485, CAN-BUS (only in parallel operation)
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C ~ +55°C
  • Rel. humidity during operation: 5% ~ 95%
  • Cooling: Convection cooling
  • Protection class: IP 55
  • Noise: <29 dB
  • Cell technology: Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)
  • Scalability: Parallel operation of max. 2 batteries
  • Compatible inverters: SUN2000-2/3/3.68/4/4.6/5/6KTL-L1, SUN2000-3/4/5/6/8/10KTL-M1

Product details: 435W Trina Vertex S+ TSM-NEG9R.28
144 cells

Extended Warranty
for Vertex S+

25 years 30 years

Product Guarantee Performance Guarantee

Global Tier 1 brand, independently certified state-of-the-art automated manufacturing

As a global leader in intelligent solar solutions, Trina Solar delivers PV products, applications and services to promote sustainable development worldwide.

Excellent low light performance on cloudy days, morning and evening

Small dimensions, big performance

• Up to 445 W peak power, 22.3% module efficiency with
High-density cell connection technology
• Multi-busbar technology for more absorption,
lower series resistance, improved current dissipation
and increased reliability
• Lower assembly costs with increased performance and efficiency

Double glass for maximum reliability

• Excellent resistance to fire and
difficult environmental conditions
• 5,400 Pa snow load and 4,000 Pa wind load (test loads)

Maximum yield

• 25 year product guarantee on workmanship and
30 year performance guarantee
• N-type technology with 1% degradation in the first year and
0.4% in years 2-30

Universal solution for residential and commercial roofs

• High compatibility with available inverters,
optimizers and assembly systems
• Easy to handle thanks to perfect size and low weight.
Optimized transport costs
• Flexible installation solutions for system use

Cell Type: Monocrystalline Glass Glass
Cell order: 144 cells
Module dimensions: 1762 x 1134 x 30 mm (H x W x D)
Weight [kg] 21.1

Glass: 1.6 mm, highly transparent, anti-reflective coated heat-toughened glass
Back: 1.6 mm, heat-toughened glass
Frame: 30mm anodized aluminum alloy, black
Anti PID
Reduced hot spot loss,
30 year performance guarantee,
25 year product guarantee,
System voltage: 1500 volts,
Connector type: TS4 / MC4 EVO2*
Cable length: 1100 mm,
Protection class: IP68
Module Efficiency up to 21.8%,
Certificate: TUV, CE
Pieces per PU: 36

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