Hoymiles PV monitoring DTU-Pro Wifi For all Hoymiles MI and HM micro inverters

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Hoymiles DTU Pro (Wi-Fi version)

The Hoymiles Gateway DTU-Pro is a data transmission unit that carries information and data from PV
Micro inverters via a 2.4 GHz wireless solution and collects them via various
Communication options such as Ethernet, WLAN, GPRS or 4G to the S-Miles Cloud, the Hoymiles
monitoring platform, sends. With DTU-Pro, users can easily view data and alarms
Read out module level and enable remote operation and remote maintenance of the PV system at any time and from anywhere
via the S-Miles Cloud system at any time, from anywhere on S-Miles Cloud. DTU-Pro will
used together with the HM/MI series of micro inverters.

The DTU-Pro data transmission unit has a monitoring capacity for up to 99 solar modules. This makes the system also suitable for more complex PV systems. Users can easily and quickly read the data and alarms at the module level. Remote operation and remote maintenance of the PV system can be carried out at any time and from any location via the Hoymiles S-Miles Cloud.

S-Miles account creation

The S-Miles account can be created directly by the end user. The instructions from Hoymiles can be found in the download area of ​​this article.

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