Huawei Luna2000-5KW-C0 Power Module BMS DC Converter

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Huawei Luna2000-5KW-C0 Power Module BMS DC Converter

The Huawei Base and BMS for Luna2000 is a reliable component for operating the Luna2000 solar storage system. It serves as a base for up to three Luna2000 battery modules. The base with integrated BMS acts as the central control unit of the PV storage system and enables the monitoring and control of the solar storage system. The battery management system ensures optimal safety and performance of the storage system at all times.

The battery management system is the central component of the solar storage system. It monitors and controls the LUNA2000 battery storage modules. It monitors parameters such as the battery's state of charge, voltage and temperature, ensuring that the LUNA2000 solar storage system operates within optimal operating parameters.

  • Manufacturer: Huawei
  • Height (mm): 150
  • Length (mm): 240
  • Width (mm): 670
  • Weight (kg): 12.00
  • Guarantor: Huawei
  • Product warranty (years): 10


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