8kW Growatt MOD 8000TL3-X inverter three-phase

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Growatt inverter MOD 8000TL3-X 8kW

Battery compatible, future-proof
Two MPP trackers
Type II SPD on the DC side
Active arc protection
24h self-consumption monitoring
3 phases

The Growatt MOD 8000TL3-X three-phase inverter is the ideal device for small self-consumption systems.

The Growatt MOD 8000TL3-X three-phase inverter is a small three-phase grid-connected inverter with a power of up to 8000W and with 2 MPPT charge controllers.

These inverters have a USB input connected to a Wi-Fi transmitter, providing a wireless connection to the installations. It should be noted that it has an OLED + LED screen to visualize the performance of the photovoltaic system.

The information collected can be viewed through the ShinePhone application, where customers must download and register it. Wi-Fi and power meter are sold separately but are included in the solar kits this inverter includes.
Technical characteristics of the Growatt MOD 8000TL3-X three-phase inverter

The inverter has a number of features, of which the following stand out:

- Recommended maximum connected load: 16,000 W.
- Maximum DC voltage: 1100 V -
Starting voltage
: 160V - MPPT voltage range: 140V - 1000V
- Rated operating voltage: 600V
- Maximum input strength: 16A in MPPT
- Maximum short circuit current: 20 A
- Number of MPPT trackers: 2
- Maximum efficiency: 98.6%
- Weight: 14kg
- Dimensions: 425 x 387 x 178 mm

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