Flat roof elevation 10 degrees made of fine concrete for PV solar modules

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PV module elevation 10 degrees made of fine concrete for solar modules

Concrete base made of fine exposed concrete for quick and easy installation of PV modules without drilling into the roof structure. Place modules intuitively on the inclined concrete surfaces and tighten them using module clamps on the integrated threads

Max. module length x width 1780x1130mm

  • Substructure and weighting in one
  • No drilling into the roof structure necessary
  • No complicated assembly with tools!
  • Concrete base made of fine-pored exposed concrete
  • Integrated M8 thread for attaching modules and cables
  • PV module tilt angle: 10 degrees
  • Tilt angle underground: max. 5 degrees
  • Mounting PV modules: Horizontally
  • Support for concrete base: Place building protection mats underneath
  • Distance between rows of modules: 60 cm
  • Recommended orientation: East-West
  • Fastening PV modules: Horizontally with module end or middle clamps
  • M8 threaded sleeves, 2 pieces for attaching PV modules and 1 piece for optional mounting of cable ducts or windshields on the back.

This item contains:

1 concrete base 10° ( WITHOUT accessories such as clamps or mats)

These high-quality L-stones are perfect for the individual assembly of almost all common PV modules for a tilt angle of 10 degrees and offer a variety of advantages.

Another outstanding feature of our L-stones are the integrated M8 threads. These threads offer a reliable fastening option for modules and cables. You can easily attach your solar panels and all necessary wiring to the L-bricks to ensure a stable and secure installation.

Concrete L-stones (LxWxH): 800 x 120 x 227 mm

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