Connection cable 5 meters with HMS connector for Hoymiles HMS series microinverter Schuko plug

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Schuko plug HMS connection cable with HMS connector for Hoymiles HMS series microinverters, 5m length

The plug-and-play cable is designed for cases where a PV system only has one microinverter. It consists of the HMS field plug, the AC cable and the Schuko plug. The HMS field connector is connected to the microinverter and the connector is connected to the household socket according to local regulations. This simple plug-and-play design allows users to easily and quickly connect the single microinverter system to the grid.

• Heavy rubber hose cable H07RN-F 3G1.0 mm² (2-pole + PE)
• Oil-resistant and abrasion-resistant, highly mechanically resilient
• Suitable for permanent outdoor use
• For high demands in dry and damp rooms
• Can be used permanently outdoors under consideration of the temperature range
• High quality, UV-resistant cable

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