8kW Growatt Hybrid 3 phase inverter SPH8000TL3-BH UP

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Growatt hybrid inverter SPH8000TL3-BH UP
Battery compatible, future-proof
Two MPP trackers
Type II SPD on the DC side
Active arc protection
24h self-consumption monitoring
3 phases

Product details

Product details
The Growatt SPH8000TL3-BH UP hybrid three-phase inverter is the ideal device for small self-consumption systems.

The Growatt SPH8000TL3-BH UP Hybrid Three Phase Inverter is a small three phase grid connection inverter with a power of up to 8000W and with 2 MPPT charge controllers.

It is capable of working connected to the network and at the same time connected to batteries to store excess energy. It is important to note that this product does not require the purchase of batteries at the beginning of the purchase, which significantly reduces both the installation costs and the payback period.

These inverters have a USB input connected to a Wi-Fi transmitter, providing a wireless connection to the installations. It should be noted that it has an OLED + LED screen to visualize the performance of the photovoltaic system.

The information collected can be viewed through the ShinePhone application, where customers must download and register it. Wi-Fi and power meter are sold separately but are included in the solar kits this inverter includes.
Technical characteristics of the Growatt MOD 8000TL3-XH hybrid three-phase inverter

The inverter has a number of features, of which the following stand out:

- Recommended maximum connected load: 16,000 W.
- Maximum DC voltage: 1100 V -
Starting voltage
: 160V - MPPT voltage range: 140V - 1000V
- Rated operating voltage: 600V
- Maximum input strength: 16A in MPPT
- Maximum short circuit current: 20 A
- Number of MPPT trackers: 2
- Maximum efficiency: 98.6%
- Weight: 14kg
- Dimensions: 425 x 387 x 178 mm

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