800W balcony power plant with battery, 2 x 430W bifacial solar modules FB + Hoymiles inverter + 960Wh storage

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Save up to €438 on your annual electricity bill

800W balcony power plant with storage (960Wh) ready to plug in

Scope of delivery:

2x SUNKET 430W FULL BLACK solar modules

1x 800W Hoymiles inverter/inverter

1x Intelligent PVHub (management system)

1x battery AB1000 (960Wh, stackable)

1x AC connection cable 5m

1x battery cable (1.5m)

1x antenna

2x micro inverter cable (0.6m)

4x solar cable (3.0m)

Download SolarFlow User Manual

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Battery AB1000 User Manual Download

Optional required accessories:

10-year warranty / IP65 waterproof / Dual MPPT 800W input / Universal MC4 adaptability / Safe and easy to use / AIoT app control

A balcony power plant generates on average around 3 kWh of electricity per day and the average household in Germany uses around 3,500 kWh annually, which can save €438 per year (€0.4 per kWh) - this corresponds to around a third (32%) of the annual Electricity bill

Integrating SolarFlow into your existing balcony power system is simple and hassle-free. Our storage system requires minimal space and has no messy cables, making it an ideal solution for any balcony. Plus, the stackable design allows you to maximize space and save costs.

During the day, the energy generated by solar panels flows through PV hub and is converted into AC power by microinverters to power your home appliances. Excess energy is intelligently stored in batteries for night use, saving you up to 32% on your annual electricity bill. Smart flow control ensures excess energy is stored efficiently during the day, and the PV hub (with an adjustable range of 100W to 1200W) feeds 600W to the microinverter as standard, fully meeting power needs during peak hours.

Easy to install and move

Plug and play made effortless. One cable for everything - connect, charge, disassemble and move in seconds with no mess or additional costs. With up to 4 expandable batteries (3,840Wh), SolarFlow is the optimal energy solution for families, small business projects and more, the perfect balcony power plant with storage.

The robust, waterproof, full metal IP65 design can withstand even the harshest weather conditions and allows you to use SolarFlow longer thanks to the 10-year battery guarantee. In conjunction with an intelligent BMS (battery management system), the balcony power plant with storage ensures balanced charging cycles and optimal heat dissipation and, as always, offers unparalleled efficiency and longevity without safety risks.

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